Monday, December 3, 2012

The New Car

Today was the day that the Robinson family would get a new Toyota car the only people that have not seen the car yet was the 2 kids Chris, and Kate but they heard that it was cooler than the station wagon they got last year from Automotive where they sell many cars to heaps of customers that enter the place.

When they got the car they were so surprised and happy that they got a Toyota.When they went to places they were happy they got a new car then Chris told his friends at school and they looked at him weirdly they said where did you get it from then Chris said I don’t know but my dad bought it they said that it was AWESOME.

But then later that day on New Years Eve the car got impounded from the police for speeding on the highway, the whole family felt sad and so miserable that the whole family never got another car ever ever again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On a Boat Trip

So this morning, on Saturday the son named Josh was probably the only person that would be the least happy going with his parents Nick, and Vicki on a boat cruise to a north Island called O.T.L that stands for ONLY THE LONELY because it was the Island that was in the middle of nowhere and all by itself on the sea.

Later on that morning they were all yelling at each other to get ready or they will end up missing the boat. So as quickly as a cheater the family packed all their clothes and toothbrush,and tooth pastes.

“Finally we arrived” Josh said in a voice of angriness and boredom from the 3 hour drive they did from driving up, down, and sideways.Once they gave their tickets in they were able to go on a big ship where they were allowed free food and go into the pool and spa and even the hydro-slides and the arcades they had on the boat.

But when he saw the music house he went inside and got a pair of free headphones and put in his favourite music and turned it up loud.When everyone left the area because of the lock down but Because of Josh’s music he was locked with no help for until he started to cry for help when he finally found out.

As he was crying and crying asking for his parents help he saw a security guards torch and yelled for him and opened the doors so straight away he ran to his mum and dad with a big hug then lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time At The Zoo

Early in the morning, there were 2x 9 yr old sisters named Sally and Kelly and together they were both looking forward towards the animals at the Zoo like the Tigers and Lions even the Monkeys that looked funny and weird looking than all the other animals in the cage like the orangutans and baboons.

So as they got ready for the best day that was about to happen to them they suddenly got hungry and went to Mcdonalds for Breakfast.They ordered the happy meal and was excited about the cool toy gun they got with their meal and a glow in the dark straw in the drinks they both got.

After they finished their big meal they all had the finally arrived with Mum and Dad with joy they were jumping up and down so much that they got told off from their parents.So when they got out of the car they had to hold hands and walk to the entrance with all the sandwiches they made for lunch at the Zoo.

As they were walking around searching for different kinds of species they came across, So when they saw the Zebra’s Eating That made them feel more hungry and starved for a few hours later.

On their way to the picnic benches they start to wander until they got away from each other and ended up getting lost in the Gorilla’s habitat where Kelly just noticed she was alone with no one to be watched by or to eat together.

When a few hours went past then Kelly was starting to hear voices That was getting louder and louder as she walked past the Lions kennel then suddenly around the corner out of the blues she saw them running to her as the parents and sister were looking for her and the all went on with their lives once again.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Wolves and the Bear

Many years ago there lived a family of Wolves. The Alpha Wolf was called Homer, the Mother Wolf was Dora and the baby Wolf was named Fearless, they lived with their grandpa Jacky. One morning grandpa went looking for food to bring to the family. He got ready, packed his bag, got his knife and spear, then took of to the hunting area, “Bye grandpa” said Fearless.
“Bye” said grandpa Jacky. So he took off.

When he arrived at the hunting field, he saw a very nice looking sheep a few steps aways from him. “Mmm yummy” he said as he quickly grabbed his spear, he pulled his arm back with heaps of force then suddenly, “ROOAR”
Grandpa paused for a moment. “Who was that? Hello is anyone there? Show your self!” shouted Jacky.

Unexpectedly a huge polar bear leaped towards Jacky’s back. He jumped away and the bear fell beside him. Jacky faced the bear he didn't wanna run because of his reputation as a professional kung fu fighter. He karate chopped the bears left ear off, “ROAR” The bear got angry, and tried to punch Jacky but he dodged it. When Jacky was defending himself, he gave the bear a hard knee-kick to the chin, breaking his neck, the beard suddenly fell to the ground, grandpa had something different for dinner.

That evening Homer, Jacky’s son, came back from work very tired. As he slumped on the couch for a rest a loud knock at the door alerted them to a visitor, Dora opened the door then screamed at the sight of a polar bear standing in front of her, laughter began to be heard as she quietened down. So grandpa Jacky threw back the head on his shoulders, wearing the polar bear as a cloak. ”Don’t worry my little one, I have returned with dinner.”

Created by
Joseph, Jephte

Monday, October 15, 2012

Term 4 Presentation

Hi my name is Joseph Peini, and what we are learning to do this term is tell people about the story behind your toys. To be honest I don't like toys at all, but I am still looking forward to all the great stuff coming up.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The day at the Beach

As I woke up at 9 O'clock I was excited because we were allowed to go and spend the whole day at the beach with my family,but before that we had to do the chores like clean the house do the dishes and clean the rooms.

When we have all done our chores we got ready and went to the beach just in time to swim in the big tides with my cousins boogie board  and some bouncy balls with some frisbee to play with in the water.

Later on that day we all got hungry and had some sandwiches to go with our chicken ships with scrambled eggs,but when we got to eat them we liked them so much we kept eating them until they were all gone.

When the day was finally over we were very tired because we have been running around all  the time all day playing in the sand and with all the activities.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Memorial Service

Man I am so pumped to go to my Aunt's place for the Memorial Service and see everybody, my Cousins and their  parents Including my Nana’s and papa’s.But before we got to go over and visit,we had no choice but to eat the mince stew in the pot for dinner.

A few hours later we were all ready to go and say our goodbye’s to my uncle who passed away from an heart attack,so when we got there the first thing I spotted was other people I must have known from since I was a little Baby.

After we saw my uncle we had something to eat and drink that was spreaded out on this big table full of huge plates stacked with food like Boil up cake and some lamingtons “YUM YUM!!”.

Today was the saddest day I have ever felt because when we all left to go home we were all crying.Everyone knew that no one could ever replace our uncle.