Monday, December 3, 2012

The New Car

Today was the day that the Robinson family would get a new Toyota car the only people that have not seen the car yet was the 2 kids Chris, and Kate but they heard that it was cooler than the station wagon they got last year from Automotive where they sell many cars to heaps of customers that enter the place.

When they got the car they were so surprised and happy that they got a Toyota.When they went to places they were happy they got a new car then Chris told his friends at school and they looked at him weirdly they said where did you get it from then Chris said I don’t know but my dad bought it they said that it was AWESOME.

But then later that day on New Years Eve the car got impounded from the police for speeding on the highway, the whole family felt sad and so miserable that the whole family never got another car ever ever again.

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